About Us

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
– Albert Einstein

Mission Statement:

Tabletop Game Designers Australia’s mission is to advocate and facilitate Australian tabletop game design, development and commercialization.


  • Benefits this community group
  • This group is for the promotion and assistance to anyone in the Australian Tabletop Game industry to improve success for everyone.
  • This will aim to be a community focal point for discussions and information sharing. Promote this group to any Aussie Game Developers you know.
  • This is a community involvement group. Spam or promotion without involvement will not be accepted.
  • WE HATE when people ask for free things that you should be paying for. eg: logo concepts, packaging die lines, samples, artwork etc…
  • This is an inclusive group to all people and abusive behaviour to any individual or otherwise will not be accepted or tolerated.
  • Information and storing useful information, resources, links etc.

Original Founders

Alex Wynnter
Wesley Lamont
Sean Carroll
Anthony Sweet

TGDA 2018 Committee

Alex Wynnter
Karl Lange
Committee Member
Wesley Lamont
Vice President
Matthew Lee
Committee Member
Ben Harnwell
Khairul Hamdan
Committee Member
Tristan Bell

A Brief History of the TGDA

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