The Mate Award

What is it:

The Mate Award recognises an individual that has contributed to the Australian Tabletop Industry. The winner will have shown leadership through collaboration and sharing of knowledge and skills to others. The purpose of this award is to promote open and honest dialogue, community spirit and good relationships.

What you get:

The Mate Award is an accolade, a recognition, a bravo from all of us designers to you. We honour you, respect your contributions and love your interactions. You will also gain a fancy trophy.

How it works:

This is a community nominated award. If you see or want to give kudos to someone within the board game industry for our the form and tell us why they deserve the award.

2022 winner of The Mate Award
Sean Fenemore

Submission Deadline:
August 31st
Winner Announced:
Criteria for the competition:

Be nominated by the community via the google form below. The person with the most nominations throughout the year will be declared the winner.

If any of the above criteria are not met, this will disqualify you from the competition.