DevCon is the annual gathering of Australian tabletop game designers, developers, artists, illustrators, and publishers.

DevCon is traditionally held the Thursday evening before PAX Aus kicks off. Proceedings include a meet & greet / play testing across the afternoon, followed by official TDGA discussions about the industry and our progress as a community after dinner.

DevCon has been running since 2014 and growing each year. For past talks check out the videos below.

DevCon Digital 2020

2020 saw the launch of DevCon Digital – a virtual event with 3 international guest speakers and virtual playtesting afterwards. This was primarily due to to COVID-19 but we hope to continue to run DevCon Digital annually, 6 months offset from PAX Aus.

  • James Wilson – Inspired Design
  • Eduardo Baraf – So you want to make a game & publish it on Kickstarter?
  • Sam MacDonald – The flaws in my own games

You can find a transcript of the chatter here.

DevCon 2018

DevCon 2018 had 71 people in attendance. you will find the recordings of the talks below.

Luke Henry (Partner at LDB Accountants & Advisors) – Crowdfunding & Tax: What you need to know
Phoebe Wild (Cardboard Vault / Bezier Games) – Marketing Your Brand & Crowdfunding Campaigns

Sye Robertson (Sye Robertson Art & Design) – Diversity in Boardgames Today

​Kim Brebach (Good Games Publishing) – Getting Your Game into Stores, Locally & Internationally

DevCon 2017

DevCon 2017 had 63 people in attendance. you will find the recordings of the talks below.

Allan Chesher – Design goals and Methodology

Ralf Muhlberger – Emerging technologies / technology in board games

Shannon Kelly – Engaging kickstarter audiences before, during and after a campaign
​Gavin Vance – From shed to shelf. Building a micro publisher from scratch.

DevCon 2016

DevCon 2016 had 58 people in attendance and had talks on the following topics:

  • Allen Cheng – Getting your game picked up by a publisher
  • Aaron Lim – looking outside of the “get published and get hobbyists in the current market to like it” mode
  • Dylan – Why is one store worth more than all of them? Targeted sales vs mass distribution
  • Sean – Tips on Distribution – The do’s and dont’s of courting a distributor
  • Ian O’Toole – Dealing with graphic designers/illustrators
  • Wesley Lamont – Tabletop Marketing and Sales

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