Convention Booths

Running a booth at a convention is an expensive venture. TGDA is here to help.

Since 2016 TGDA has organised a subsidised booth at PAX Aus, putting more designers in the public eye. As TGDA grows, we intend to broaden our convention exposure to other events around the world.


TGDA offers various options for table time at the TGDA booth all at a subsidised price, From a single time slot (~3hrs) to a dedicated table throughout the whole weekend

We provide standing tables to demo games at, wall space for posters, display units for retail products, and cash and card facilities for these even when you are not scheduled on at the booth.

TGDA also sells showbags to the public containing the winning game of the previous years Showbag Design Challenge and any printed material you wish to include (printed material provided by the designer). This is just one way we aim to promote Australian designers to the general public and help subsidise the cost of the booth.

Past Booth Wrap-up


This year we have a larger booth! that means more space for designers to test their games and more foot traffic through the booth. We will have 300 showbags available again, containing the 2017 winner of the Showbag Design Challenge and other material from TGDA members and booth participants!

Contact one of the TGDA admins if you would like to take part in the action!

2017 we had 13 people in attendance, including 3 media outlets. Designers cycled every 3 hours. We sold 300 showbags yet again which included material from TGDA members and booth participants.


In 2016 we had 15 designers cycling every three hours. We sold 300 show bags which included games and material from TGDA members and booth participants. We also had a couple of podcasts and a magazine present at the booth.
Check out the action in the video below 😀
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