The Take My Money Award

What is it:

This award recognises a game mechanic/original design that demonstrates true innovation, advances game design, and pushes the boundaries of tabletop as an expressive medium. The purpose of this award is to promote healthy and polished game design through Australia.

What you get:

You will earn a TGDA badge of honour that you can use in future promotions of your game. You will also receive an award. You will be listed on this page as the winner for the year that you entered, and will have a link back to your game/company.

What exactly are you looking for?

This award is for a non published game.

Judging will be based on:

Innovation, originality and appropriateness to theme or game.

You must have a clear explanation of what you have done and why it is new/good/useful/original in context with the game.

You will need to submit a rules doc (explaining the rule clearly – setup and gameplay images always help), a sell sheet and a 5 minute video. These will need to be uploaded and the link filled out in the form. Broken links will disqualify your entry.

Who is the Judging panel?

The judging panel will be made up of TGDA members from the industry that do not have a connection or entry in the competition. Judges from various backgrounds are selected to keep the subjectiveness as low as possible with the results will be averaged out.

Submission Deadline:
April 30th
Winner Announced:
Criteria for the competition:

  • Be a member of the Facebook group
  • Be a Patreon Supporter or pay an entrance fee of $15
  • Create a video 5 minutes or less that contains:
    • Brief description of the game / theme
    • Description of the concept / mechanic
    • Showing how it works
  • Games Rulebook
  • Filling out the appropriate competition form – button below.

If any of the above criteria are not met, this will disqualify you from the competition.