• The Take My Money Award

    What is it: This award recognises a game mechanic/original design that demonstrates true innovation, advances game design, and pushes the boundaries of tabletop as an expressive medium. The purpose of this award is to promote healthy and polished… Read More

  • The Oi Oi Oi Award

    What is it: The Oi Oi Oi Award recognises the overall excellence of design in a game. The award is judged on a games; gameplay mechanics, playability, play balancing, and design. The game must have a clear and… Read More

  • The Whipper Snapper Award

    What is it: Open to a game designer aged 20 and under. The Whipper Snapper Award recognises a complete tabletop game that an individual has made within Australia. The purpose of this award is to encourage healthy and… Read More

  • The Mate Award

    What is it: The Mate Award recognises an individual that has contributed to the Australian Tabletop Industry. The winner will have shown leadership through collaboration and sharing of knowledge and skills to others. The purpose of this award… Read More

  • Past Competitions: Showbag Design Challenge

    TGDA is proud to be supporting local designers to showcase their skills and get their name out to the gaming public via PAX AUS. At PAX Aus every year, TGDA sells showbags containing information on the group, content… Read More

  • Past Competitions: Prototype Concept Competition

    What is it: The Prototype Concept Competition is designed to push designers to find something unique. It is easy to use a general mechanic within your game design – but hard to make stand out, interesting, or different…. Read More