Past Competitions: Prototype Concept Competition

What is it:

The Prototype Concept Competition is designed to push designers to find something unique. It is easy to use a general mechanic within your game design – but hard to make stand out, interesting, or different.

What you get:

You will earn a TGDA badge of honour that you can use in future promotions of your game. You will also receive an award. You will be listed on this page as the winner for the year that you entered, and will have a link back to your game/company.

What’s with the criteria?

Being a member of TGDA allows for open discussion, encouragement, iterating and confidence. Being a Patreon supporter is your entrance fee and your support to the group, or you will need to pay an entrance fee into the specified account.

What exactly are you looking for?

There are many standard mechanics, we are looking for one that is uniquely used within your theme/gameplay.

Judging will be based on:

  • How unique the mechanic is
  • How well it integrates into your theme
  • How smoothly it work by itself
  • How smoothly it works in your game
Who is the Judging panel?

The judging panel will be 5 members of TGDA that do not have an entry in the competition. We will use 5 people to keep the subjectiveness as low as possible and results will be averaged out.



Prtotype-Competition-Badge-01_d4002017 – Roman Beattie – Warherd