Past Competitions: Showbag Design Challenge

TGDA is proud to be supporting local designers to showcase their skills and get their name out to the gaming public via PAX AUS.
At PAX Aus every year, TGDA sells showbags containing information on the group, content from designers, and a game published by the TGDA.
The published game is selected from entries in the Showbag Design Challenge, a contest that is run every 2 years!
What is it:

The Show bag Competition is a design challenge for use in the show bags at PAX. The idea is that you create a microgame that can either be pressed out on a couple of sheets or uses only a few components so it can fit into an envelope.

What you get:

This game will be published by TGDA. It will be provided in the TGDA showbag for 2021 PAX, held October in Melbourne, Vic, Australia.

Criteria for entry
  • Entrant must be a member of TGDA
  • Entrant must be an Australian based designer
  • Be a Patreon supporter or pay the required entry fee
Entry fee
  • Free as a Patreon supporter (easier/cheaper option)
  • A small administration fee of $15

There are many definitions for ‘microgame’, in this case, the definition is about the size and components not the complexity. We are looking for games that must be card or paper based and not use more space than 3 A4 sheets – This includes the instructions. Components can include simple easy to find generic items such as a D6 die, or basic meeple. When designing the game ensure it can fit into a DL envelope or similar size.

  • Video submissions need to be submitted through the form linked on this page.
  • Submissions close on April 30st.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by a 5 person panel appointed by the TGDA Committee. These people will not have a submission.
  • The panel will select the top few designs and then let the community decide.
  • All submitters will be informed of the outcome of the review process by June.
  • The winning design will be produced by TGDA in limited numbers and available in the TGDA Pax Aus Showbag, and as a free Print and Play – for for TGDA members.
Legal Stuff:
  • The game refers to any submitted concept by a tabletop game designer that meets the requirements as outlined in the criteria above.
  • Designers retain all rights to the game.
  • The artist retains all rights to the artwork.
  • By submitting to the TGDA Showbag Competition you are agreeing to provide all necessary rights for TGDA to publish the game exclusively for the TGDA Showbag at PAX AUS and as a free Print and Play for TGDA members.
  • Any artwork or graphic design rights will be retained by the artist, designers will have the opportunity to negotiate with the artist for future use.
  • Designers will need to be available to be involved with further game testing and designing before publication as seen in the timeline below.



2018 – Lyndon Cullen – Pixel Star

Details coming soon!

Velvet - Shannon Kelly 2017 – Shannon Kelly – Velvet

A plush-your-luck micro-Legacy game of hand management and adventure for 2 players.

The Plush Seers of your homeland have found the location of the fabled “Threads of Destiny” – an ancient artifact with the power to strengthen and preserve. There is only one problem: the threads are hidden in your rival’s homeland!